KoreConX Enlists AlgoValue to Expand Its Equity Crowdfunding Services

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The KoreConx Platform Disrupts the Equity Crowdfunding Market by Offering a Free, All-in-One Solution to Help Companies Navigate Equity Capital Raising. KoreConX is emerging as a disruptive professional crowdfunding platform in North America, by offering an integrated suite of due diligence and shareholder management tools that greatly improve the way both companies and equity crowdfunding portals navigate the equity crowdfunding process, and reduce risk. New partnerships are a large part of the company’s continued growth, and AlgoValue – KoreConX’s newest partner – offers great synergies for KoreConX. AlgoValue, an innovative online valuation platform, gives investors and startups advantages that until now were reserved for the deep pockets and institutional resources of VCs, Private Equity, and other established and savvy players.  

AlgoValue is an online valuation and capital table analysis platform developed by two former PWC valuation experts. AlgoValue provides a suite of efficient, intuitive, accurate and analytical tools which bring instant transparency, as well as real-time decision-support data output for valuating early stage and mature companies as well as their equity securities. AlgoValue’s solution simplifies calculation complexities, eliminates costly errors resulting from numerous data entries from multiple sources, saves time and money, and improves the way illiquid equity investments are valued and managed.

Because reliable, professionally-accepted valuations are critical to the investing process, AlgoValue adds a crucial dimension to help KoreConX create a unified ecosystem comprised of everything companies need to raise capital, and to manage their shareholders. These valuations enable KoreConX to greatly expand the scope and usefulness of the platform, allowing companies to have greater control over their equity crowdfunding campaign than ever before. 

As part of the partnership, investors will have easy access to an AlgoValue valuation at a low cost from within the platform itself.

“KoreConX provides the infrastructure and ecosystem for companies to efficiently manage their business, while maintaining proper governance, transparency and compliance,” said Oscar Jofre, CEO of KoreConX.  “The addition of new partners like AlgoValue makes it even easier for companies seeking equity crowdfunding to have all of the tools, resources and solutions they need on the KoreConX platform.”

About KoreConX

The integrated tools and services platform, available at, saves companies time and helps reduce legal fees by having all the required corporate documents proactively organized, while allowing organizations to efficiently manage corporate records. KoreConX makes onboarding and dealflow screening for equity crowdfunding portals easier, while ensuring that issuers are prepared for due diligence, reporting regularly and managing shareholders properly.

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